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A flat, circular object with lights of many colors spinning around the sides. Seemed to be dark, but with the moon's rays hitting it, might have been a sort of chrome color. There was also a half-sphere dome on top with what seemed like one big window that went around it.
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Sunday, July 02, 2006
Nation built on conspiraties

Immediately after the Oklahoma City bombing in the spring of 1995, mainstream Americans suddenly became aware of a radical political subculture in their midst. With the arrest of Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols and the media coverage of their lives, attitudes, and associations, the public was abruptly introduced to the previously insular world of militias, antigovernment shortwave-radio broadcasts, and racist literature. A racist novel (written by Andrew Macdonald, also known as William Pierce), The Turner Diaries—unobtainable through conventional bookstores—became an object of intense interest once it became known that McVeigh had read and recommended it, and it was revealed that the novel contained an episode strikingly similar to the federal building bombing. An avalanche of television, magazine, and newspaper stories uncovered the existence of conspiracy believers obsessed with black helicopters and armed against what they believed to be an imminent invasion by forces of the New World Order.

The number of Americans who actually participate in the UFO subculture—by buying books, magazines, and videotapes; attending conferences; visiting Web sites; and engaging in similar activities—cannot be precisely estimated. But survey data make clear that those who do participate represent merely a fraction of a vast number of people interested in the subject. Whether they are open-minded or simply credulous, it remains the case that millions of Americans view UFOs with considerably less skepticism than do the government and the academy.

Within a few months of the first modern claim of a flying saucer sighting in June 1947, polls showed that 90 percent of the population had heard of them. By 1966, that figure had risen to 96 percent, and, more important, 46 percent of all Americans believed UFOs actually existed. More than a decade later—in 1978—30 percent of college graduates believed they existed. At that time, the number of Americans who believed UFOs were real reached its highest level, 57 percent. The number fell to 47 percent in 1990 but was still at 48 percent in a 1996 Gallup poll, nearly half a century after the first sighting.

Read the rest of the article here: Conspiracy
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Saturday, July 01, 2006

The scientific study of extraterrestrial life or life beyond planet Earth is called xenobiology (or exobiology or astrobiology).

Panspermia holds that extraterrestrial life is prevalent through space in a
form analogous to spores. Extraterrestrial life forms, especially intelligent ones, are often referred to as aliens.

Scientists are searching for extraterrestrial life in two very different ways.
Firstly, they are searching for evidence of unicellular life within the solar
system: searching Mars and meteors which have fallen to Earth, and a proposed mission to Europa, one of Jupiter's moons with a liquid water layer under its surface, which may contain life.

There is some evidence for the existence of microbial life on Mars. An
experiment on the Viking Mars lander reported gas emissions from heated Martian soil that some argue are consistent with the presence of microbes, though the lack of corroborating evidence from other experiments on the Viking indicates that a non-biological reaction is a more likely hypothesis. Indepedently, in 1996 structures resembling bacteria were discovered in a meteorite known to be formed of rock ejected from Mars. Again, this evidence is vigorously disputed.

Secondly, it is theorised that any technological society will be transmitting
information: man-made electromagnetic radiation is already detectable within an eighty light-year radius of Earth, and is constantly spreading. SETI, the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, takes the data gathered by the world's largest radiotelescopes and analyses it for artificial patterns using
supercomputers and one of the largest distributed computing projects in the
world, SETI@home.

Some scientists believe that some UFOs are the spacecraft of intelligent
extraterrestrials; however since these scientists are currently very much in the minority, work such as SETI continues in the hopes that a signal will be

Astronomers also search for extrasolar planets that would be conducive to life. Current radiodetection methods have been inadequate for such a search, as the resolution afforded by recent technology is inadequate for detailed study of extrasolar planetary objects. Future telescopes should be able to image planets around nearby stars, which may reveal the presence of life (either directly or through spectrography revealing, for instance, the presence of free oxygen in a planet's atmosphere).

Thanks to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
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Friday, June 30, 2006
Star of Death: 2012
What happens when meteorite collide with each other? We tried to find the answers: Simulation Experiment. We presumed that the collision happened with the earth in order for lucid distance and location. The diameter of the meteorite is slightly bigger than the breadth of Honshu Japan. The collision point is located at the 3,000km south from Japan in the ocean. The velocity of the meteorite is 70,000km/h. But the meteorite is bigger than we can imagine, so that it appears much slower. In the impact at the same time as colliding. The earth’s crust of 10km in thickness where ground in the earth is composed is wholly peeled off. This is called,”Earth’s crust tidal wave”. There is 1km width of the rock, and it flies to the sky it by the impact. The impact surges to the Japanese Islands and,as a result, the Japanese Islands are crushed. The splinter of the crushed rock easily exceeds the height of 1000Km. After exceeding the atmosphere it reaches space. Afterwards, the splinter of the rock falls again in surface of the earth. The edge of Crater completed by the collision of the meteorite is 7000m in height. It looks like a huge mountain range. The diameter of Crater has 4000Km. Crater is big to swallow a part from Guam to a Chinese continent. But,it was only an introductory chapter of the tragedy that would start in the future...

The leading part with the accident is seen in Crater when seeing from space immediately after the collision of the meteorite. Seeming as shine to scorching color, and huge mass. The mass of the rock of which this turned into the gas and the name are said, “Rock Vapor”. The amount of the rock that becomes a gas is about 100000000000000kt. “Rock Vapor” extends in all directions on the earth after it swells up like the dome. “Rock Vapor” generated by the meteorite’s having been dropped to the sea located in the south of Japan will arrive at Himalayas in three hours. In “Rock Vapor”, the velocity of the wind is 300 meters. It becomes the hot wind of a terrific high temperature of 4000℃ in temperature and burns Himalayas. In the world covered with “Rock Vapor”, even a thick snow that piles in the coldest place named Himalayas is instantaneously melted. There is no time to make the river and the snow is evaporated instantaneously. “Rock Vapor” will reach Amazon that lies to the other side of the collision of the meteorite in a day. Tropical forests of Amazon cause the autogenous ignition for the hot wind by “Rock Vapor” and the region is burnt up. Tropical forests of Amazon turn into sea of flames in less than no time. Surface of the earth from the collision on the first. It is covered with “Rock Vapor” and it turns into a scorching star. “Rock Vapor” wraps the earth for one year or more, and burns everything up at the terrific high temperature. It is the same as making the sun innumerable near the earth. On the other hand, the accident happens also in the sea. The sea began to bubble violently. The sea boils by the heat of “Rock Vapor”. Tremendous heat of the “Rock Vapor” reduces the sea level at the speed of 5cm a minute. The naked sea bed is relentlessly exposed to the intense heat and melted down like lava. The sea of 4000m in average depth has disappeared one month after the collision of the meteorite. At this point, the earth becomes a star where the living thing cannot live. Thus, the earth turned into the star of the death…
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Thursday, June 29, 2006
Strange Lights in the Phoenix Sky
The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.Jeff is an ufologist and amateur archaeologist, and has concluded that there is definitely a connection, cosmic or inter-dimensional, between the lights in the sky and the ancestors of this land. Thousands of years ago the area around Phoenix was inhabited by the Hohokom, a Hopi Indian tribe, whose name literally means 'the people who vanished.'

According to Jeff , 'The rock art consists of circles with dots, shaped crosses, and spirals. In some traditions the spirals mean the circle of life, but I believe that on South Mountain it means a vortex or door to the underworld. I truly believe that the rock art was made for this generation to figure out.'

And, 'One example was on a rock panel I found that had circles with dots in the formation of a triangle; just like the objects I had filmed in the sky, there are also barbell carvings on the mountain. Could a barbell have been seen the sky back then?'

Watch a red orb power itself through the desert skies.
Jeff has had many years of experience seeing UFOs. He states that, 'For years now, I have been seeing strange objects over my head and having my friends tell me that I am crazy. It made me start hunting these objects form some kind of answers. And I believe I have put the puzzle together a little bit."
Read the article here: Here
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Wednesday, June 28, 2006
666 or 616
The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.For centuries, people have been intrigued by the number 666, the 'number of the beast' from the Book of Revelation in the New Testament.

Not only is it mentioned in the Bible, it has been associated with the Satanism, universal price codes and the game of roulette, as the numbers on the wheel add up to 666.

Now, the legendary number is getting a fresh look, as researchers are re-examining evidence the number may actually be 616.

In the King James Version of the Bible, the well-known verse of Revelation 13:18 reads:

'Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.'

While many Bible have footnotes saying the number translated from the original Greek could be 616, experts say new photographic evidence of an ancient fragment of papyrus from Revelation indeed indicates the number is indeed 616, instead of 666.

Scholars in England have been using modern technology to scour some 400,000 bits of papyri which were originally discovered in 1895 at a dump outside the ancient Egyptian city of Oxyrhynchus. Many of the sections have been damaged and discolored, but an imaging process is shedding new light on the sacred text, believed to have originally been penned by John, one of Jesus' 12 apostles."
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Invisible! for x-ray specs have tantalised kids throughout the decades. Sadly the reality is always a pair of useless plastic glasses, but this could all change due to a breakthrough made at Imperial College London. By exploiting the way that atoms move in solids the researchers have made solid materials turn completely transparent. 'This real life x-ray specs effect relies on a property of matter that is usually ignored that the electrons it contains move in a wave-like way', says Chris Phillips. 'What we have learnt is how to control these waves directly'.

The secret to this breakthrough at Imperial College London is specially patterned crystals made up of nanoscale boxes that hold electrons. 'Basically we have made 'designer atoms'', says Chris. 'By choosing the size and shape of our little boxes, we can use the rules of quantum mechanics to choose the energy levels of the electrons that are trapped inside them'. When light is shone on these crystals it becomes entangled at a molecular level rather than being absorbed, causing the material to become transparent. 'You can think of the effect as similar to the way that the peaks and troughs of water waves cancel each other out to create calm water', explains Mark Frogley. 'In the materials created it is the wave patterns of the electrons that cancel each other allowing light to travel through the material and making it transparent'. At the moment the effect can only be produced in a lab under specific conditions but future applications could include seeing through rubble at earthquake sites, or looking at parts of the body obscured by bone.
Read it here: Invisibility
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Tuesday, June 27, 2006 Network Forum - Travis Walton Interview
What do you all think about the Travis Walton abduction case ?

Have a listen to the following interview by just clicking on the page, the file plays on the page it self, so no need for download.

He goes into his experience onboard the ship, and the effects afterwards, and also what he believed they wanted. Also how the movie Fire in the Sky differed from his real experience.
Check it here
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Blinking Orbs
This is very very odd. Maybe a hoax, what do you think?
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Sunday, June 25, 2006
A day in the life of a debunker
If you're unaware of the massive, often heated, and aaaaalways entertaining Internet-wide debate that has raged for the last five years concerning the events of 9/11 and the alleged conspiracies that lie behind them, then you either don't know what the Internet is and are not reading this article, or you have just arrived here from your home world of Pluto. If the latter is the case, then welcome to Earth, you have a lot of catching up to do. Now assuming that you have an Internet connection and are not a visitor from the 9th planet from Sol, I'd like to relate to you some of my recent adventures posing as a '9/11 debunker'.
click for complete article
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